About Key Circle Press


Established in 2010 and located in a quiet suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, Key Circle Press is a letterpress studio specializing in the custom production of all things paper.  Kathleen Roth, proprietor and designer, enjoys working with clients to design and produce beautiful social stationery, invitations, and announcements for all occasions.

Using a 50-year-old Chandler & Price 10×15 letterpress, we press the design into the super soft cotton paper using “new school” photopolymer plates.  Photopolymer plates allow for the design process to take place on the computer and ultimately develop into to a dimensional, flexible material suitable for making lovely impressions.

Each printed piece is hand-fed into the press, allowing for constant monitoring of alignment and color saturation.  This attention to detail and the labor-intensive process are what make letterpress so special and give each piece its own personality.